summertime, and the livin’ is easy

fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

oh your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’

so hush, little baby, don’t you cry

-ella fitzgerald, summertime

yep, it’s summertime and i’m on vacation, could living be any easier (hey to chandler bing :))!

sunday picnic is great for everyone who likes spending time in the green and near the water – and by water i mean any kind, seriously 🙂

this year i’m having a huge annual leave and i can’t tell you how much i looove the “i’m out of office” message which actually means “i really don’t care”!

i made a to do list to enjoy life-at-vacation (as if one needs anything else, but believe me they enhance my joy) and i’m trying to complete it step by step.

here is my list of delights, well i update the list all the time, but anywayyy:

wake up around 10 am (and not one minute sooner)

stretch in the morning and before you go to bed

meditate, meditate, meditate

go to swimming pool or beach every day

get sun, sun, sun (well tanned)

take walks along the seaside

drink wine (blushhh)

finish a book every two (or three) days

learn french (to read what derrida actually said)

cook a light summer meal every day

smoothies, smoothies, smoothies (watermelon and all the berries are my favorites, and mint and lemon, and, yes everything)

drink lots of water (with lemon, cucumber, mint)

try all the gym classes, pilates, tabata, bodypump, …

yoga, yoga, yoga

get massages, relax, spa

discover a new place to eat and drink

cheer up, laugh, laugh, laugh

cocktails, yay

picnic, picnic, picnic

check out the fall fashion

but buy what makes you happy to wear (like a white tee with a unicorn saying whatever)

spend more time with galpals 🙂

take good care of your hair

organize your wardrobe

dine fine 🙂

eat more fruits

see a movie every day

listen to jazz & blues

watch the sunset

think positive

be mindful

sleep well

dream smooth

that’s been such a long post!

well, so far so good, thank you summertime!






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