each coming night


will you say when I’m gone away
“my lover came to me and we’d lay
in rooms unfamiliar but until now”

will you say to them when I’m gone
“i loved your son for his sturdy arms
we both learned to cradle then live without”

will you say when I’m gone away
‘your father’s body was judgement day
we both dove and rose to the riverside”

will you say to me when I’m gone
“your face has faded but lingers on
because light strikes a deal with each coming night”

-iron and wine, each coming night

this peaceful song goes round and round in my head every time i take a walk here in my lunch break. clearly, it’s because of the “riverside” melody that carries me away.

with a cup of coffee, some sunshine, a soft breeze, green and blue, i’m trying to overcome the sluggish feeling after meal. actually, these can be the reasons for feeling a little lazy.

meanwhile, my office is freeeeezing, i mean literally. and i’m sure i’ll be feeling ‘the monday’ as soon as i’m back there.

anyway, spring is good, isn’t it? 🙂


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