still got the blues


so many years since i’ve seen your face

here in my heart, there’s an empty space

where you used to be

so long, it was so long ago

but i still got the blues for you

– gary moore, still got the blues

i suddenly noticed that it’s been so long since my last post. when i left it was all about the christmas spirit, joy and snow here.

well, i didn’t really have the time of my life in february and march but i’ve seen so much worse before – so, eventually it is what it is, and i can’t control everything (maybe nothing, hmm) around me. sometimes it’s best to keep moving and leave everything behind.

i guess the reason i took this long break in posting is that i’m not good at sharing problems – in fact, i think this usually doesn’t do any good to me or to whoever listening. some problems unfortunately can’t be solved by talking about them and i find myself in the vicious kübler-ross cycle’s denial stage.

despite every moody thought in my mind and the cloudy weather that can be really depressing, i went out. i’m grateful that i have this welcoming, sweet, cozy white dog cafe right around the corner. i can’t resist finding comfort in these puppies with a cup of coffee. so, maybe i still got the blues but who hasn’t?


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