heading from city to sea

just you and me

boots creaking quietly

we would never be here again

watching the snow falling down

watching the city lose color and sound

-lisa hannigan, snow

i love snow. it calms down everything. quiet and peaceful.

that “the city loses color and sound” is one of the best expressions i read and listened about snow.

to enjoy this peaceful natural occasion, i do the walking meditation:

“walking, like breathing, is an automatic activity, and the everchanging sensations with each step provide a continuous anchor for attention.”

says john yates in his book.

what is happening now, under my feet, happens only once in my life and i will never be here again, that is, being in this moment is so unique so that feeling the impermanence can be so sad and so fascinating  at the same time.

i’m walking to city center, breathing in the cold air, my boots creaking quietly.