driving home for christmas


i’m driving home for christmas

oh, i can’t wait to see those faces

i’m driving home for christmas

well i’m moving down that line

and it’s been so long

but i will be there

i sing this song

to pass the time away

driving in my car

driving home for christmas

-chris rea, driving home for christmas

it’s that time of the year, with snow flakes, christmas trees, lights, green-red decorations, dinner party plans, presents, friends and homecomings, yay!

for this christmas i’m planning dinner party at home with friends.

i started working on my vegan menu today. then i stopped for a while and started watching christmas  episodes of Friends 🙂 it’s really been so long, but they are always funny and inspiring!

if i keep watching i think i’ll start my christmas preparations with buying a round dinner table 🙂 happy lazy saturdays and safe travels to home!

p.s. i always prefer railway, especially in winter time, through the snowy scenes.



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