it’s just another new year’s eve


don’t look so sad, it’s not so bad you know

it’s just another night, that’s all it is

it’s not the first it’s not the worst you know

we’ve come through all the rest, we’ll get through this

we’ve made mistakes but we’ve made good friends too

remember all the nights we spent with them?

and all our plans, who says they can’t come true?

tonight’s another chance to start again

it’s just another new year’s eve

let’s make it the best

-barry manilow, it’s just another new year’s eve

i’m an early bird for new year’s eve 🙂

i’ll be home with my family and my pyjamas for tonight – no need to worry for waking up early.

the first thing i want to do today – you know,  before the day gets busy for all – to thank everyone who have been reading my stories, sharing their thoughts and accompanying me throughout the whole time.

here i prepared a little present and i hope you will enjoy it today – it’s a playlist consisting of all the background music of my retellings:

lisa hannigan, home

norah jones, sunrise

alberta hunter, amtrak blues

lynyrd skynyrd, tuesday’s gone

iron and wine, passing afternoon

iron and wine, cinder and smoke

lisa hannigan, passenger

bruce springsteen, high hopes

seal, crazy

lionel richie, easy

norah jones, carnival town

rainbow, temple of the king

norah jones, back to manhattan

cream, i feel free

ella fitzgerald and the ink spots, into each life some rain must fall

bon jovi, someday i’ll be saturday night

the gathering, analog park

aerosmith, full circle

lisa hannigan, fall

alexi murdoch, orange sky

bobby macferrin, don’t worry be happy

smashing pumpkins, tonight tonight

u2, the sweetest thing

abba, thank you for the music

tiny ruins, me in the museum you in the wintergardens

nina simone, feeling good

the monkees, pleasant valley sunday

chris rea, driving home for christmas

joni mitchell, winter lady

andy williams, it’s the most wonderful time of the year

brenda lee, rockin’ around the christmas tree

bobby helmes, jingle bell rock

the mamas and the papas, california dreamin’

barry manilow, it’s just another new year’s eve

have a happy new year!










california dreamin’


all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray

i’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day

i’d be safe and warm if i was in l.a.

california dreamin’ on such a winter’s day

-the mamas and the papas, california dreamin’

guess i’m having kind of a moody day.

library is a nice and warm and cozy place when it rains.

books are good friends – and all i need, sometimes.

that and silence, on such a winter’s day.

jingle bell rock


jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock

jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

snowin’ and blowin’ up bushels of fun

now the jingle hop has begun

-bobby helmes, jingle bell rock


my favorite christmas song with my favorite christmas gingerbread cookies!

merry christmas and happy holidays!

p.s. i’m still working on the icing of the cookies, but my home is already full of ginger and cinnamon festive scent – and they are vegan.

driving home for christmas


i’m driving home for christmas

oh, i can’t wait to see those faces

i’m driving home for christmas

well i’m moving down that line

and it’s been so long

but i will be there

i sing this song

to pass the time away

driving in my car

driving home for christmas

-chris rea, driving home for christmas

it’s that time of the year, with snow flakes, christmas trees, lights, green-red decorations, dinner party plans, presents, friends and homecomings, yay!

for this christmas i’m planning dinner party at home with friends.

i started working on my vegan menu today. then i stopped for a while and started watching christmas  episodes of Friends 🙂 it’s really been so long, but they are always funny and inspiring!

if i keep watching i think i’ll start my christmas preparations with buying a round dinner table 🙂 happy lazy saturdays and safe travels to home!

p.s. i always prefer railway, especially in winter time, through the snowy scenes.


pleasant valley sunday


see mrs. gray she’s proud today because her roses are in bloom

mr. green he’s so serene

he’s got a tv in every room

another pleasant valley sunday

-the monkees, pleasant valley sunday

i remember the sitcom “two guys, a girl and a pizza place”, it was a lovely show.

and i always remember it with this song; berg used to sing it to pete (i hope i remember the names correct) whenever he tried to irritate him 😀

it really is one of those songs: once it enters my mind, it turns and turns and turns…

today it turns in my mind while i’m sipping my sunday smoothie.

here are the ingredients if you want to try it:




coconut water


i decide the amount of each ingredient according to my mood.

i hope you enjoy your sunday!