someday i’ll be saturday night


hey, man, i’m alive

i’m taking each day and night at a time

i’m feeling like a monday but someday i’ll be saturday night

-bon jovi, someday i’ll be saturday night

who says that you should be out on saturday nights?

well, i made a simple and delicious – and healthy pasta, opened a bottle of wine, invited some friends and organized a warm cozy homely lovely and rainy saturday night.

before we ate it all our dinner looked like in the picture.

here is my simple recipe if you like to try:


garlic cloves

olive oil



vegan cheese


for the sauce i chop and cook tomatoes, garlic cloves and olive oil in a souce pan – add a little salt.

once i cook the pasta al dente – i add the sauce, then the vegan cheese (depends on which one you like), and chopped basil on top, yum!

finally, i let a bottle of cabernet sauvignon accompany us, a perfect start to fall!



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