temple of the king


one day in the year of the fox

when the bell began to ring

meant the time had cometh

for one to go

to the temple of the king

-rainbow, temple of the king

the last day of my vacation. can’t believe the time has come to go back home.

at night i’ll be on the road and that’s why i woke up so early – not usual for a saturday morning, for me!

i want to have today full of vacation spirit so that i’ll have the energy for work on monday.

eventually, vacations are never enough, right?

i’ll leave all the packing work to the evening and consider today as if my vacation continues.

so, in this spirit, i started my early morning with a delicious spicy tofu scramble:


the key is the ingredients, and here they are (serve 2):

olive oil

tofu (firm)

cloves of garlic (2-3)



tomato (1 medium)

salt (optional)

black pepper (grounded)

red pepper (1)

green peppers (1-2)



i just put these ingredients in the same order into a pan and cook with short time periods before i add the next ingredient. a perfect breakfast for a saturday morning, accompanied by a ginger-lemon tea!

so, i will go back to my temple, but still, the day had just begun!









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