easy like sunday morning


i wanna be free

just me 

that’s why i’m easy

easy like sunday morning

-lionel richie, easy

it’s a nice, lazy, cozy sunday. peaceful.

started with meditation, feels great.

i had in my mind for a long time sharing some simple yet healthy and delicious vegan recipes here.

so here is my first recipe: peaceful sunday breakfast

the ingredients are:

some meditation

soy milk




maple syrup

medjool dates


peanut butter

since it’s sunday and this breakfast can also serve like a sunday brunch, i change the amounts according to my mood.

it’s easily prepared: i chop strawberries, banana, medjool dates and walnuts, add a teaspoon maple syrup (sometimes i don’t because medjools dates are incredibly sweetening the mixture).

to boost it i add a teaspoon (or two) peanut butter, it is at the very top in the bowl, looking like ice cream, yum!

with a cup of black coffee, i’m free and easy like sunday morning!


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