analog park


in the garden, in the park, on a bench, i sit

a newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer

it is coming my way

i patiently wait

-the gathering, analog park

every saturday night is followed by a sunday morning, this time, by a sunny, breezy one!

peaceful morning walks on sundays bring peaceful weekdays, i believe.

so, let’s enjoy the sky, hug the trees – happy sundays!





someday i’ll be saturday night


hey, man, i’m alive

i’m taking each day and night at a time

i’m feeling like a monday but someday i’ll be saturday night

-bon jovi, someday i’ll be saturday night

who says that you should be out on saturday nights?

well, i made a simple and delicious – and healthy pasta, opened a bottle of wine, invited some friends and organized a warm cozy homely lovely and rainy saturday night.

before we ate it all our dinner looked like in the picture.

here is my simple recipe if you like to try:


garlic cloves

olive oil



vegan cheese


for the sauce i chop and cook tomatoes, garlic cloves and olive oil in a souce pan – add a little salt.

once i cook the pasta al dente – i add the sauce, then the vegan cheese (depends on which one you like), and chopped basil on top, yum!

finally, i let a bottle of cabernet sauvignon accompany us, a perfect start to fall!


into each life some rain must fall


into each life some rain must fall

but too much is falling in mine

-ella fitzgerald and the ink spots, into each life some rain must fall

welcome fall!

i still feel tired. my plan for today is spending the whole day under my puppy blanket.

but i love fall, and i love rain. i couldn’t miss a morning walk in the rain.

it’s really calming to watch the raindrops fall, hit thousands of leaves with amazing colors and see the sun come out again, slowly. a cup of coffee is strongly recommended.

nature is renovating itself, as part of, we should do so, too.

so, peace and love to the beginning of fall and to all the rainy saturdays.

i feel free


i can walk down the street, there’s no one there

though the pavements are one huge crowd

i can drive down the road, my eyes don’t see

though my mind wants to cry out loud

i feel free

-cream, i feel free

just as thought my travels were over i had to leave my sweet home again.

for a conference, i had to travel to another city and back yesterday.

i left home at 5am and came back at 12am.

i was hardly awake before i made my speech, i hope not everyone noticed that.

i’m exhausted but happy that i’m back home – and took today off.

i’ll be resting the whole day, yay!

started with meditation, a cup of coffee and a peaceful walk.

finally, i feel free!

temple of the king


one day in the year of the fox

when the bell began to ring

meant the time had cometh

for one to go

to the temple of the king

-rainbow, temple of the king

the last day of my vacation. can’t believe the time has come to go back home.

at night i’ll be on the road and that’s why i woke up so early – not usual for a saturday morning, for me!

i want to have today full of vacation spirit so that i’ll have the energy for work on monday.

eventually, vacations are never enough, right?

i’ll leave all the packing work to the evening and consider today as if my vacation continues.

so, in this spirit, i started my early morning with a delicious spicy tofu scramble:


the key is the ingredients, and here they are (serve 2):

olive oil

tofu (firm)

cloves of garlic (2-3)



tomato (1 medium)

salt (optional)

black pepper (grounded)

red pepper (1)

green peppers (1-2)



i just put these ingredients in the same order into a pan and cook with short time periods before i add the next ingredient. a perfect breakfast for a saturday morning, accompanied by a ginger-lemon tea!

so, i will go back to my temple, but still, the day had just begun!








carnival town


up ‘n’ down

ferris wheel

tell me how does it feel

to be so high

looking down here

is it lonely?

-norah jones, carnival town

i’ve been travelling for so long time that i can’t imagine myself going back to work.

but my vacation still continues and one of the things i learned from meditation is that we should focus on this moment. all other moments are actually fictional, the past is just memory and the future is just imagination. and moreover it’s all constructed in the language.

there is a book “metaphors we live by” by george lakoff and mark johnson (1980), which tells how our use of language shapes our perception and eventually our reality.

the authors examplify on this by mentioning how we relate “argumentation” with the metaphor of “war”. there is always a “winner”, a “loser”, a “defense”, an “ending”, a “strong” one, a “weak” one, and etc. all the connotations about “argumentation” refer to “war” even if we don’t notice it anymore. the example becomes more interesting when the authors invite us to think of “argumentation” with the metaphor of “dance”. then there is no winner or loser, no struggles of power, and “harmony” becomes the key.

a similar situation is, for instance, when we talk of being “up” or “down”. we use “up” for all the positive states and “down” for negative ones. as lakoff and johnson find out these expressions have strong connections with the actual body postures we have when we are happy, energetic, hopeful or upset, tired, depressed.

wish we’ll have more “up” times in our lives and enjoy peaceful moments like this evening with norah jones’ carnival town.



easy like sunday morning


i wanna be free

just me 

that’s why i’m easy

easy like sunday morning

-lionel richie, easy

it’s a nice, lazy, cozy sunday. peaceful.

started with meditation, feels great.

i had in my mind for a long time sharing some simple yet healthy and delicious vegan recipes here.

so here is my first recipe: peaceful sunday breakfast

the ingredients are:

some meditation

soy milk




maple syrup

medjool dates


peanut butter

since it’s sunday and this breakfast can also serve like a sunday brunch, i change the amounts according to my mood.

it’s easily prepared: i chop strawberries, banana, medjool dates and walnuts, add a teaspoon maple syrup (sometimes i don’t because medjools dates are incredibly sweetening the mixture).

to boost it i add a teaspoon (or two) peanut butter, it is at the very top in the bowl, looking like ice cream, yum!

with a cup of black coffee, i’m free and easy like sunday morning!



in a sky full of people only some want to fly

isn’t that crazy?

-seal, crazy

i have a background in psychology (suprise surprise! :)) and definitions of sanity and insanity have always been very interesting to me.

today, i remembered a paper i read long time ago and reread it. it’s written by david l. rosenhan, an academic and psychiatrist, and tells his fascinating experiment discovering the edges of sanity and insanity and how their definitions can relatively change according to the context, place, and people we are surrounded by.

here is a brief introduction if you are interested:

“How do we know precisely what constitutes “normality” or mental illness? Conventional wisdom suggests that specially trained professionals have the ability to make reasonably accurate diagnoses. In this research, however, David Rosenhan provides evidence to challenge this assumption. What is — or is not — “normal” may have much to do with the labels that are applied to people in particular settings.”

rosenhan experiment is an investigation of how institutions define “sanity” and “insanity” and shows that once a person is diagnosed with some mental illness there is almost no way out for this person to prove that the diagnosis is wrong.

it is very interesting that after “Eight sane people gained secret admission to 12 different hospitals.” they were quickly diagnosed with different mental illnesses and could hardly get out of these hospitals.

the title of the paper is “on being sane in insane places”.

based on the context we’re all insane sometimes. that’s why i always try to understand instead of labelling, cause “we’re never gonna survive, unless we got a little crazy”!


high hopes


give me help, give me strength
give a soul a night of fearless sleep
give me love, give me peace
don’t you know these days you pay for everything
got high hopes
i got high hopes
i got high hopes
i got high hopes

-bruce springsteen, high hopes

finished a conference today.

feel exhausted but satisfied and peaceful.

it’s nice meeting new people, seeing that someone from far far away understands you and helps to improve your thoughts.

anyway, i got high hopes!