cinder and smoke


give me your hand

the dog in the garden row is covered in mud 

and dragging your mother’s clothes

cinder and smoke

the snake in the basement

found the juniper shade

the farmhouse is burning down

-iron and wine, cinder and smoke

so my ride continues with iron and wine. i keep playing it over and over again. it’s an amazing company while you’re on the road but interestingly, it’s also a great friend when you’re home.

one thing i love about traveling by train is that i am fully aware of space and time. when i’m on a plane i feel like i pause my life. there is only the flight duration independent of the consciousness of the ‘local time’, which doesn’t really make much of a sense when the definition of the ‘location’ continuously  changes.

on the train, i can actually follow the connection between space and time, and how one makes sense based on the other. it’s like passing by other lives and at the same time passing through my own life. when the connection between time and space breaks i get this sadness of having left my home behind. well, i guess it was time for feeling a little bit down considering the ‘local time’, because every journey includes a cycle of enthusiasm, anxiety, happiness and melancholy, doesn’t it?

thinking of home, i remembered Gaston Bachelard’s “Poetics of Space”, which i strongly recommend to have in a reading list. here is a paragraph from that book i really like:

“Far from the immensities of sea and land, merely through memory, we can recapture, by means of meditation, the resonances of this contemplation of grandeur. But is this really memory? Isn’t imagination alone able to enlarge indefinitely the images of immensity? In point of fact, daydreaming, from the very first second, is an entirely constituted state. We do not see it start, and yet it always starts the same way, that is, it flees the object nearby and right away it is far off, elsewhere, in the space of elsewhere.”

so i’m prepared to encounter my memories along my daydreams. but first, i think i need some more sleep.



train roll on


train roll on, many miles from my home

see, i’m riding my blues away

-lynyrd skynyrd, tuesday’s gone

i’m on the road for about 6 hours or so.

still enjoying.

just a little sleepy.

i want to share with you my panorama, accompanied by lynyrd skynyrd at the moment. hope to hear your playlist suggestions for the next 24 hours – “well, when this train ends, i’ll try again”.


amtrak blues


so i’m going to keep on struggling

i know i’ll to see brighter days

-alberta hunter, amtrak blues

so much for the laziness.. well, this is a late night-early morning post while travelling on train.

starting my vacation with a journey that will last for approximately 30 hours may sound crazy but i love railways. hope this travel won’t be the end of my love.

alberta’s “amtrak blues” is accompanying me right now with the breeze of 60s and i’ll need a nice playlist along the way. so any travel stories and songs are welcome!

so 30 hours, but eventually, rail consumes less energy than car or air travel!



sunrise, sunrise

looks like morning in your eyes

but the clocks held 9:15 for hours

-norah jones, sunrise

it seems like we’re going to have a sunny day! yay!

started my day with delicious tofu scramble and norah’s “sunrise”. perfect song for a lazy sunday!

i will just go out, get some fresh air and some vitamin d. and when i get back i’ll be back with some stories 🙃

what songs do you like about the sun? if you like to share please leave a comment. i’m excited to hear from you!