summertime, and the livin’ is easy

fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

oh your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’

so hush, little baby, don’t you cry

-ella fitzgerald, summertime

yep, it’s summertime and i’m on vacation, could living be any easier (hey to chandler bing :))!

sunday picnic is great for everyone who likes spending time in the green and near the water – and by water i mean any kind, seriously 🙂

this year i’m having a huge annual leave and i can’t tell you how much i looove the “i’m out of office” message which actually means “i really don’t care”!

i made a to do list to enjoy life-at-vacation (as if one needs anything else, but believe me they enhance my joy) and i’m trying to complete it step by step.

here is my list of delights, well i update the list all the time, but anywayyy:

wake up around 10 am (and not one minute sooner)

stretch in the morning and before you go to bed

meditate, meditate, meditate

go to swimming pool or beach every day

get sun, sun, sun (well tanned)

take walks along the seaside

drink wine (blushhh)

finish a book every two (or three) days

learn french (to read what derrida actually said)

cook a light summer meal every day

smoothies, smoothies, smoothies (watermelon and all the berries are my favorites, and mint and lemon, and, yes everything)

drink lots of water (with lemon, cucumber, mint)

try all the gym classes, pilates, tabata, bodypump, …

yoga, yoga, yoga

get massages, relax, spa

discover a new place to eat and drink

cheer up, laugh, laugh, laugh

cocktails, yay

picnic, picnic, picnic

check out the fall fashion

but buy what makes you happy to wear (like a white tee with a unicorn saying whatever)

spend more time with galpals 🙂

take good care of your hair

organize your wardrobe

dine fine 🙂

eat more fruits

see a movie every day

listen to jazz & blues

watch the sunset

think positive

be mindful

sleep well

dream smooth

that’s been such a long post!

well, so far so good, thank you summertime!






on a day like today


free is all you gotta be

dream dreams no one else can see

sometimes you wanna run away

but you never know what might be comin’ round your way

on a day like today

the whole world could change

the sun’s gonna shine

shine through the rain

on a day like today

you never wanna see the sun go down

-bryan adams, on a day like today

it’s a beautiful day.

feel the grass. hug the trees.

free to be pure. free to be sane.

find your place where you never wanna see the sun go down.


keep on rising


down in the depths of my soul
feeling the loss of control
in its spirit
so colorful
if you feel it then let’s go
to a place where you belong
give it strength to carry on
open your heart
set your mind at ease
live your life
and you’ll be free
we’re gonna rise, rise, rise
keep on rising
-keep on rising, ian carey featuring michelle shellers
this pink smoothie is a great way to start saturday or refresh after running in the park.
the ingredients giving this pink color are raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and cinnamon with a pinch of ginger – and they’re all in coconut milk.
let’s keep on rising!

good morning starshine


good morning starshine

the earth says hello

you twinkle above us

we twinkle below

-good morning starshine, hair

these are real quick delicious vegan cookies with coconut oil, cinnamon, peanut butter, and cocoa!

i baked them just before i go to work, and it takes only 25-30 minutes before they are ready-to-eat.

good morning and happy fridays!

each coming night


will you say when I’m gone away
“my lover came to me and we’d lay
in rooms unfamiliar but until now”

will you say to them when I’m gone
“i loved your son for his sturdy arms
we both learned to cradle then live without”

will you say when I’m gone away
‘your father’s body was judgement day
we both dove and rose to the riverside”

will you say to me when I’m gone
“your face has faded but lingers on
because light strikes a deal with each coming night”

-iron and wine, each coming night

this peaceful song goes round and round in my head every time i take a walk here in my lunch break. clearly, it’s because of the “riverside” melody that carries me away.

with a cup of coffee, some sunshine, a soft breeze, green and blue, i’m trying to overcome the sluggish feeling after meal. actually, these can be the reasons for feeling a little lazy.

meanwhile, my office is freeeeezing, i mean literally. and i’m sure i’ll be feeling ‘the monday’ as soon as i’m back there.

anyway, spring is good, isn’t it? 🙂



when the moon is in the Seventh House
and Jupiter aligns with Mars
then peace will guide the planets
and love will steer the stars

this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
the age of Aquarius

harmony and understanding
sympathy and trust abounding
no more falsehoods or derisions
golden living dreams of visions
mystic crystal revalation
and the mind’s true liberation

 – aquarius, hair

nothing else i can add to these lines 🙂 happy sundays!

such great heights


they will see us waving from such great heights

come down now, they’ll say

but everything looks perfect from far away

come down now but we’ll stay

– iron and wine, such great heights

peanut butter cookies are one of the best ways to start a sunday.

while they are in the oven, the house starts to smell yummy and when they are done (which takes 10-15 minutes) my coffee is ready, too.

this sweet peaceful feeling reminded me a tv show i used to love to watch: providence. it was about a family, with the daughter in center, with all their fun and difficult times. i would love to watch it again but i can’t find it anywhere. i would be really thankful if there’s anyone reading this post can help me about that. it’s the only thing i’m missing in my perfect sunday 🙂

thank you and happy sundays!

p.s. for the cookies in the picture i used kathy patalsky’s vegan peanut butter cookies recipe from her blog healthy happy life.



the seasons cycle turned again

an april shower now and then

trees came alive

and the bees left their hive

they came out to see you and the blossom

-nick drake, blossom

never miss the chance to make a noon walk under cherry blossoms.

thank you spring!


house by the sea


there is a house by the sea

two jealous sisters, they’re waiting for me

and one is laid on the floor

and one is changing the locks on the doors

and i’ve been buying the time on my knees

and i’ve been selling their blankets to bleed

around the house by the sea

the scent of roses and raspberry leaves

and there is smoke in my clothes

too much time with just smoke in my nose

and i’ve been making the meaning they lack

and i’ve been burning that book they come back too

there is a house by the sea

and an ocean between it and me

and like the shape of a wave

the jealous sisters will sing on my grave

and i’ve been living to run where they led

and i’ve been dying to rise from their bed

and i’ve been sparing my neck from their chain

and they’ve been changing the sound of my name

and i’ve been swimming to them in my sleep

and i’ve been dreaming our love and our freedom

-iron and wine, house by the sea

this song means to me that the time to prepare for leaving my office has come, especially in spring and summer evenings.

i finalize the last things i need to do, shut down my computer, look out of my window to the sky and the street.

the weather in these evenings is usually mild, warm and breezy; people – most of them students – are walking down with no rush, talking, laughing, also breezy.

i make my dinner plans, and before i close my office door, i hear the final notes from this mystic distant house by the sea.

who says mondays are hard in spring 🙂